The Booster Club is a group of parents and friends whose primary objective is to insure our children with a positive student-athlete experience at North Salem Middle-High School. We support the overall athletic program in providing our children with first class facilities and equipment. The Booster Club provides support to ALL of our athletic programs. A sample of what the Booster Club has purchased for our athletes and continues to provide each year:
Scholarships…trophies for each sport…flowers for senior moms…Homecoming Day…Hall of Fame Basketball/Volleyball game…NS Booster Club Holiday Basketball Tournament…Modified, JV and Varsity award nights…team banners…ice machine…scoreboard and electricity for Tompkins Field…tent for outdoor sports…spirit banners…financial support to North Salem recreation programs of baseball/softball and basketball…and a whole lot more with your help.
The Booster Club also sponsors a fun filled dinner dance in March.
Our goal is to reach 100% participation from all student-athlete families. 100% involvement means membership and attendance at as many of the athletic events as possible. 100% membership speaks volumes of our commitment to our schools and our kids. We think this goal would be representative of our appreciation and commitment to the athletic program in North Salem. We live in a wonderful community where our children have opportunities at every level. We’re looking to infuse an added spirit and sense of pride in our school and community. Please consider joining many devoted individuals and families supporting the North Salem Booster Club.


The North Salem Booster Club meets the first Tuesday of every month in the NSHS
Home Ec Room beginning at 7pm.
All are welcome to attend-bring your ideas and enthusiasm.

For further information contact
Wayne Outhouse (276-2968)
Bill Picarella (845-278-6562),
Treasurer Diane Nussbaum (669-9447)
Secretary Teri McDonough (277-8512).