Town Of North Salem
Historic Preservation Commission
Questions and Answers About Landmarks and Historic Districts
Summary of Local Law 1 - 1984

     The North Salem Historic Preservation Commission has prepared this synopsis to familiarize you with the landmark and historic district law of North Salem, and this should be read in conjunction with local law 1 - 1984.
Why does the town have landmarks and historic district law?
  • To protect and enhance the historical, architectural and cultural heritage of the town.
  • To promote continued use of historic sites
  • To stabilize and improve property value
Why would a particular building or site be recommended for designation as a landmark?


  • Because of its association with a person, family, or event prominent in local (National) history
  • Because of its particular architectural merit
  • Because of its uniqueness as a particular type of structure present in the town or surviving from a particular era
  • Because of its association with other early structures which comprise a "district"
How is a property designated a landmark?
  • The site would be brought to the attention of a commission member and the further discussed by the entire commission
  • A field visit is arranged with the commission members and an inventory form is completed on the building and site
  • A public hearing would be held to hear suggestions of the owner and members of the community regarding protection of the site
  • If a majority of the commission recommends landmark status it is then forwarded to the Town Board for a final decision
What guidelines will I have to follow if my property is designated a landmark?
  • A certificate of appropriateness is necessary for any changes which affect exterior appearance of a landmark structure.
  • Routine maintenance of exterior or altertaions of the interior do not need the commissions review
What constitutes changes?
  • Any work which changes the appearance of the exterior including, but not limited to changes in windows, doors, lights, signs, and color and material of exetrior surfaces.
How do I apply for a certificate of appropriateness?
  • Apply to the Historic Preservation Commission, Town Hall, North Salem, New York
Do I have to notify the commission to sell a protected property?
  • No