Town of North Salem

Westchester County
Town Hall. North Salem. NY 10560
Historic Preservation Commission


Summary of Documents

1. General Description
2. Question & Answers
3. List of Landmarks
4. Map of Landmarks
5. Historic Roads
6. Landmark & Historic Preservation Law
7. Historic Road Preservation Law
8. Building Structure Inventory Form
9. Certificate of Appropriateness Application
10. Commission Membership List

A paperback booklet entitled
"Historic Landmarks of The Town of North Salem, New York"
has been published andwill be available for purchase for a nominal fee of $10 at
the North Salem Free Library, the North Salem Town
Clerk's office and the North Salem Tax Receiver's Office.
The revenue will be used to frame the original drawings
which will be hung in Town Hall offices. Twenty pen and
ink drawings by artist Mike Bonelli are accompanied by
text describing the historical significance of the
building or site and architectural components.