General Description

          The North Salem Historic Preservation Commission is appointed by the Town Board of North Salem. Its powers and duties are detailed in Section 130-4 of The Landmark and Historic Preservation Law of the Town of North Salem, adopted in 1984 (please refer to this section of this website). The basic duties of the Commission involve designating landmarks, issuing Certificates of Appropriateness concerning changes to landmarks, creating legislation to protect historic features of North Salem, and administering that legislation.
          In December 2000 The Historic Road Preservation Law was enacted (see that section of the website) to answer the need to begin protecting historic roads in North Salem.
          From The Balanced Rock and the Keeler Lane Bridge, to the Purdy Homestead and Crow's Nest, North Salem is rich in cultural, historical and architectural treasures. Eighteen of them have been designated Landmarks, to be protected and enjoyed by generations to come. The members of the Historic Preservation Commission hope residents will help them identify other sites and buildings to be considered for landmark designation.
        It is a privilege - not a burden - to own a landmark! If your property is designated, you will need to apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness for any changes that affect the exterior appearance of the structure (such things as changes in windows, doors, lights, color or surface material). There are no other restrictions. The expertise of the Commission members as well as other preservation professionals is available to assist the property owner. The Commission has worked successfully with ten property owners seeking to alter or expand their properties.
       Do you have a favorite historic site that has not been designated? Is there a stone chamber, cemetery or old building hidden on your property? Please call a member of the Commission and give us your ideas:

Gail Pantezzi, Chairman 669-5247
Don Pearson, Vice Chairman 669-9622
Mike Halvorson 669-5913
Steve LaRocca 669-8183
Susan Thompson 276-2523

       The Commission meets about every month at the North Salem Government Center. The public is invited to attend the meetings. Please telephone a Commission member for the date and time of a meeting.

       A booklet with text accompanying line drawings of the 18 landmarks is expected to be published in 2002

       There are vacancies on the Commission from time to time. Inquiries can be directed to a Commission member.